The Emperor's Justice

Repent 23 copy, Target Aquired

A few days after the events of check point Tertias, 3rd squad finally had a down day. Trooper Peter, Spc. Kerr, Trooper Frenth and Trooper Zacharias gathered all of the materials to make an armoured still. They however did not have a decent place to store it. Sgt. Zed brought the idea to the local missionary as being the steward of the spirits for religious purpose. Almost immediately after setting up the still, Fire Base Disantis started taking mortar fire. There were no death but there were a few walking wounded. The next however did not turn out to be very pleasant for 2nd platoon.

2nd platoon moved out to search a local village 6hrs away for insurgents. Upon arriving. Sgt Zed was met by the village elder. He attempted to talk 3rd squad down, but was unsuccessful. 3rd squad proceeded to start searching buildings and was ambushed by what appeared to be local military. The battle was brief but thanks to the air support by Repents 23 and 24, the town was cleared in a short amount of time. 3rd squad ended up having a few walking wounded, namely Sgt. Zed, Spc. Kerr and Trooper Frenth, but a weapons cache was found along with several valuable bits of intelligence. The Weapons cache was destroyed and the platoon headed back to the firebase. Thankfully the still was back in action.


LoyalOpposition blarg21

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