Ailian History

Ailia was discovered by Imperial exploration fleets late in M38 already several decades into a severe drought across the massive terrestrial planet. As the arrival of Imperial agencies brought the means and technology necessary to begin terraforming the planet and end the natural disaster, causing the general population of Ailia enthusiastically worked to integrate themselves into the Imperium, seeing the technology the Imperium brought as the solution to their problems and the Imperium as their saviors. Within a few short years of the Imperium’s arrival Ailia was already producing a large surplus of food, especially the Grox which turned out to be well suited to the large open plains.

It was Ailia’s success as an Agri-World that first drew pirate raiders to the world, searching to refill their ship’s stores from the supplies and roving herds of livestock meant for the planet’s tithe. The Ailian PDF, mainly based in and around the few large population centers on the planet, proved woefully under equipped and ill trained to fend of dedicated raiders. It was only after the Munitorm sent in a massive shipment of arms and armor and an understrength Imperial Guard regiment to oversee the training of the PDF that Ailia was able to defend its food stores again.

Because of the likelihood of continued food raids Ailia trains and maintains a well disciplined PDF with major posts near each of the few major population hubs on the planet, both to maintain law and order and to be better positioned to protected the large processing stations that naturally grew up near so many workers desperate for jobs. As new recruits to the PDF finish a first year near the cities the PDF opens up the opportunity for longer range patrols, almost entirely done by experienced troops on foot, into the uninhabited regions tended only by the Grox herders and automated crop tending vehicles.

When the time comes for the Ailian government to form an Imperial Guard regiment, the core is usually drawn from the experienced portion of PDF troops, providing both a trained, competent, and usually combat proven base of NCOs and soldiers to assist in training recruits with no PDF experience as well as providing upward mobility within the ranks of the remaining PDF forces. While the enlisted soldiers are almost to a man the ‘native’ Ailians the officer ranks are almost exclusively from the upper families who can trace their roots back to the Terran exploration fleet that originally re-discovered the planet and took the roles and perks of planetary leadership in the Imperium for themselves. This system of perks, and power by birth does create some resentment in the ranks, but for the most part is viewed as an old, if somewhat despised, tradition. While many of the officers are capable leaders from the PDF, every so often an unfortunate regiment finds families using their influence to get their undesirables a ‘prestigious’ position that will quickly, and permanently, get them taken off world.

Ailian History

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