Khitar Campaign

The planet Khitar was recently, and quite accidentally, discovered by the Imperium during routine scouting missions seeking useful, or profitable, resources following the ceasing of a warp storm. The discovery of a lost planet of human civilization was enough to draw off at least a small bit of the resources headed for one of the various fronts across the galaxy and at first the interaction between the locals and Imperial forces had been cordial if not quite the joyful reunion and immediate integration the Imperium had been hoping for. Still, the majority of the planet’s divided nations seemed generally open to talks with the Administratum and for the most part the desire seemed to be for a peaceful, if somewhat slower than normal, assimilation of Khitar.

In support of the peaceful efforts on the planet the Munitorum diverted only three initial regiments to the planet. The Mircallan 34th, an Medicae support regiment, meant to conduct studies of the Khitaran natives for anything out of the ordinary. The Sayellis 1596th, a regiment of combat engineers meant to begin construction on official Imperial facilities and begin studying Khitaran technology to lay the groundwork for an eventual Mechanicus study of the planet. Finally, the 84th Cydonian Rifles, a line infantry regiment meant to provide protection, and a reminder of the Imperium’s military might on the planet.

As more and more Imperial agencies started to make themselves felt on Khitar what had begun as a cordial relationship started to chafe. As the local populace started to protest against the Imperial presence the 84th Cydonian was deployed, to disastrous results. Despite tight controls on the actions of the troopers, the sight of what most Khitaran’s viewed as foreign troops on their streets, forcing an unwanted agenda on them was enough to turn peaceful protests into the start of an insurgency. The first attack against an Imperial convoy happened a scant 6 months after the first Imperial ship made planet fall, and the Imperial commanders reacted in the only way they knew, by meeting force with force.

While there is no ‘official’ sanctioned resistance against the Imperial forces on the planet the 84th has been able to do little more than hold the small territorial gains made by the Imperium thus far and the cry for more forces, along with some shrewd political bargaining secured the Ailian 144th Infantry to serve as a Quick Reaction Force and general reinforcements for the forces already on the planet, along with the promises of more infantry and eventual armored support, as long as the Imperial position can be held.

Khitar Campaign

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